About Us

GlobeCoins, established in 1994, offers a wide range of World Coins.

GlobeCoins is a team of rare coin professionals, highly skilled in the presentation of numismatic sales.
Each member of our numismatic staff has years of valuable experience working with the finest numismatic properties.

We always look for to acquire interesting items, whether through consignment or by outright purchase.

At GlobeCoins, we believe information can and should be available to all, transactions made more transparent, trading friction reduced and the learning curve made less steep and less expensive for new collectors and sellers.


Therefore Our Values are...
Integrity — Honesty and fairness must define every facet of our business.
Transparency — We embrace clarity and openness, enabling clients, partners and coworkers to make informed, confident decisions.
Expertise — Our success depends upon providing clients with the best possible advice.
Efficiency — We focus on helping clients, partners and coworkers save valuable time and resources.
Innovation — We continually make our services more accessible and useful.
Long-Term Perspective — We strive to carefully construct only sustainable, win-win agreements with clients and partners.

We will be happy to make business with you.

GlobeCoins team.